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"Think Global, act local" (Global + Local = Glocal)


Contextualized outreach, partnerships, training, and an ethnic/multi-ethnic church planting movement among Twin Cities immigrants.


Glocal Impact Center Ministries:
* Glocal Impact Plan to plant 500 new ethnic/multi-ethnic churches by 2015 in every Twin Cities immigrant group.
*Discover Your City Tours - 8 different Tours
*Glocal Impact U
* Day in the City Seminar
* L3 Living Learning Lab
*Teaching/Training Classes and Conferences
* PeopleView Reports
* Ethnic Partnerships
* Consultations
* Immigrant Statistics, Information, and Trends
* Special Events
* "Yak Outreach Project"
* Short-Term Glocal/Urban Missions Teams
* Glocal Impact Church Coordinator's Program
* Curriculum Development
* Publications
* Glocal Adopt a People Program

"Today the percentage of foreign-born Americans is

greater than ever before, even than during the peak of
immigration one hundred years ago." 

Diana Eck The New Religious America


You no longer need to get a passport and visa to reach people from all the nations of the world. The U.S. has become the most ethnically and religiously diverse nation in history.

Over 575,000 new immigrants have flooded into the Twin Cities over the last few years with 90% of them unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 2002, the Brookings Institute named the Twin Cities one of the top 10 "Gateway Cities" in America for new immigrants/refugees.  In 2004, Minnesota was third in the nation for new refugees only behind California and Florida.  The Twin Cities is now home to the largest Hmong, Somali, and Oromo Ethiopian concentrations in the U.S. as well as the second largest populations for Liberians and Tibetans.  In addition, over 125,000 Hispanics now call the Twin Cities their home.  The Philips Neighborhood in South Minneapolis is currently the most ethnically diverse single neighborhood in America with 100+ languages spoken there.  This is all the just "the tip of the ethnic iceberg" with over 200 languages spoken throughout the Twin Cities area.

"If you want to go somewhere fast go alone. 

If you want to go somewhere far, go together." 

African Proverb


CV has created a new 10 year plan called the Glocal Impact Movement with the goal of seeing 500 new ethnic/multi-ethnic churches started in the Twin Cities with one or more new churches planted in every people group located in our city by 2015.  In order to accomplish this vision, CV has begun the process of starting ethnic strategic partnerships for each of the Twin Cities ethnic groups.


Is God calling you and your church to reach out to this "ripe" new Glocal (Global + local = Glocal) mission field?  Today the mission field has moved from overseas into your own backyard.  Has your church adopted a people group globally?  Now, adopt the same people group glocally.  Join us at CV as we stand on the exciting new frontline of a whole new missions paradigm. 


"If people come together, they can even mend a crack in the sky."

Somali Proverb


Because of CV's uniqueness as a ministry, CV and its staff have been leaders and facilitators in the Twin Cities and in the nation over the years in its efforts to reach the immigrant/refugee populations flooding into our city and the cities of North America


  • CV has the goal of starting a church planting partnership for every ethnic group in the Twin Cities.  Watch for more Ethnic Strategic Partnerships to form in the future and have your church/ministry join us in this ministry. 

  • Watch for more Ethnic group consultations and events to be organized in the future and have your church/ministry attend them and learn how to become involved in this new mission field at your doorstep.  Have your church sponsor and host an ethnic group consultation.

  • Have your church adopt a local ethnic church as your sister church and prayer partner.

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